Backup Your MicroSD Card

Backup Your MicroSD Card – Learn how to make a backup of your microSD card

You’re doing the right thing! Making a backup of your microSD card gives you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong (we all make mistakes!) you’ll be able to restore your system to it’s former glory. It’s recommended to make a backup any time you make major changes to your system.

Following the steps below will get you back on track in just a short while.

In order to backup your microSD card you’re going to need the following items:
Your microSD card

  • Your microSD card
  • A USB card reader
  • Your computer
  • Some free software (links provided in next section)
  • A little bit of patience




Most likely, when you insert your microSD card in to your PC, Windows will tell you that it needs to be formatted. DO NOT FORMAT YOUR CARD! Windows cannot recognize the file system of your card so it thinks it’s “blank” and needs to be formatted. Just close the pop-up and continue with the guide.

You will need to download this free software called Win32 Disk Imager. It’s the software we’ll use to backup your microSD card. If you already have this program (or another like it) great! Otherwise please download the software from the link below.

Win32 Disk Imager Download

Download, install, and open the program.



  • Plug your microSD card into your PC
  • Select your microSD card from the DEVICE drop-down menu in
  • Win32DiskImager
  • Click the FOLDER icon and enter a filename and location to save the image file. Be sure to put .img at the end of your filename. Example: my-backup.img
  • Click on the READ button
  • Wait… This can take a while depending on the size of your microSD card and the speed of your card reader. Just be patient.


It will let you know when the process is complete. Once it’s finished, safely eject your microSD card from your PC and put it back in your Raspberry Pi and get busy playing some retro games! Just remember where you saved your image file so that IF you ever need it, you’ll know right where to find it!

Here’s a youtube video detailing the process.


PLEASE NOTE: This guide is presented for informational purposes only. Retro Gaming House is not responsible for any negative outcomes from following the guide or using the downloaded software.