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CoinOPs Next Complete – Possibly the BEST Fully Loaded PC Build Ever

••PLEASE NOT•• This is a simple plug and play Harddrive simple plug the external harddrive into your usb or install the internal harddrive into you case and click n the joystick icon and enjoy all these games. Its really that simple

This Coinops Build has many consoles From Retro to current games making this standalone the best you will find.
Perfect for getting a arcade feel and catching up on some new games you may have missed.

Consoles Included

Games For Windows
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
Neo Geo
Playstation 1
Playstation 2
PSP Mini
Atari Jaguar
Sega Genesis
Sega 32x
Atari 7800
Atari 5200
Atari 2600

Games For Windows – 97 Games
Dreamcast – 23 Games
Playstation – 21 Games
Playstation 2 – 15 Games
Playstation Portable – 8 Games
Playstation mini – 44 Games
Sega Genesis – 136 Games
Neo Geo – 83 Games
Nintendo Wii U – 20 Games
Nintendo Wii – 8 Games
Nintendo Gamecube – 26 Games
Super Nintendo – 113 Games
Nintendo 64 – 16 Games
Nintendo – 45 Games
Game Boy Advance – 40 Games
Game Boy Color – 8 Games
Game Boy – 8 Games
Game & Watch – 14 Games
PC Engine – 14 Games
Arcade – 868 Games
Arcade Classics – 341 Games
Computer Classic – 11 Games
Atari 5200 – 73 Games
Atari 7800 – 72 Games

→ Plug And Play
All games work with your favorite controller that you have connected to your pc just launch the game system with one simple click and all your games will work with the controller you have connected
we do recommend a arcade stick or a xbox 360/One controller as that’s what we used to text with and have had no issues

→ Terms and Conditions:

All Sales are Final, and we don’t do refunds but under special circumstances we will make an accept in order to determine those conditions you will have to contact us as all items are test thoroughly before being we ship them out. All HDD’s/Retro Consoles/ Micro SD Cards are Ordered NEW and checked for defects or corruption. We ship all items with care to insure the item arrives securely. Please don’t post any negative or neutral feedback before talking with us first. If you feel your item is defective Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your package to be eligible to get your item replaced we will work with you to insure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and that your item works as intended.

→ Payments and Shipping:

To insure you have the latest Hard Drives we order them after your order is placed, and we receive the money from ETSY (which is usually between 3 & 5 days) We will order a new HHD immediately and add the describer or custom systems to the 4 TB HHD. To insure its working properly the process may take a few days (but usually won’t) once done and tested we ship the item Priority Mail with insurance and signature confirmation. We will contact you throughout the process to keep you up to date and to let you know exactly when your estimated date of Delaney will be but you can feel free to contact us in regards to your product and once done we will ship the item with care to the address listed.

→Hard Drives Will be Either SeaGate Or Western Digital Or Toshiba As they Are often used by us and are tested as the best and No Other Brand will be used by us.

→ Final Disclaimer:

Hard Disc Drives are pre loaded with Factory software I don’t own any material inside the product including RetroPie, Emulation Station & any other included software, Logos or imagery. The included gaming software on this collection is either public domain, abandonware or is widely available in the Internet and it’s accessible for free. You are only paying for the materials my time putting everything together for you and my services so you don’t have to duplicate you games Cd’s or dump your cartridges yourself. Furthermore you are not paying for any software in the form of ROMS or ISOS included in this setup. By purchasing any items from me you are contractually agreeing to the rules mentioned below: You own a licence for any ROM / image you are getting. You will NOT distribute any of these files illegally. You can evaluate the games you don’t own for 24 hours and after that period, you must delete from the hard drive any games you don’t own.

→ Refund Disclaimer

This Item Is

→ Frequently Ask Questions:

Q: What are the minimum system requirements?
A: Not much! Windows Vista or newer, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86), DirectX 9.

Q: Which controllers are supported?
A: Basically any controller can be used, but by default this is pre-configured for XBOX 360/XBOX 1 controllers and standard MAME controls for 2 players.

Q: How do I modify arcade cheats, default controls, game controls and other settings when playing games?
A: For games running in MAME, click in the Left and Right thumbsticks at the same time or press TAB during game play. You can modify additional settings in MAME by opening \emulators\mame\mame.exe (or mame64.exe).
Q: What are the default keys in CoinOPS? How can I change them?
A: Keys in CFW be changed by modifying controls.conf. Some of these change depending on the GUI skin you choose.
Launch Game = A or Start on controller / 1 or Enter on keyboard
Random Game = Y on controller / R on keyboard
Arcade Favorites = I to add games, O to remove games (not mapped for controller by default)
Letter Up = Right Shoulder button on controller
Letter Down = Left Shoulder button on controller
Change Game = Left/Right or UP/DOWN depending on Skin
Favorites/All Games = Up/Down or Left/Right depending on Skin / F1/F2 on keyboard
Options/Mapping (In Game only) = Left+Right Thumbstick Click on controller / TAB on keyboard
Quit Game = Back+Start on controller / Q or Esc on keyboard
Quit CoinOPS = Q or Esc on keyboard / use Shutdown in the Settings
Q: I have an older PC. How do I reduce game slowdown?
A: The best way is to turn off bezel and CRT effects. The following BAT files in “- Advanced Configs’ folder will help you do this:
‘- LCD (4×3).bat’ or ‘- LCD.bat’ or ‘- Fastest Scanlines (4×3).bat’ or ‘- Fastest Scanlines.bat’.
Q: How do I start CFW with the All Games playlist?
A: You will need to run ‘\- Advanced Configs\- START All Games.bat’ to do this. It is set to start in the Arcade Favorites playlist by default.
Q: Can I use the 32 bit version of MAME?
A: You will need to run ‘\- Advanced Configs\- 32 Bit.bat’ to do this. It is defaulted to using the 64 bit version of MAME but the 32 bit version has better compatibility across PCs.
Q: How do I reset all the settings back to default?
A: These are the restoration options:
‘- Restore Xbox Controllers.bat’ – Restores controller settings back to defaults.
‘- Restore Defaults.bat’ – Restores Settings, Skin, Controllers, etc.. back to defaults.
Q: How do I fine tune the look and feel of CFW?
These are the basic MAME video effects options:
‘- Bezels CRT (Glass).bat’ – CRT effects with a glass panel look plus unique bezels
‘- Bezels CRT.bat’  – CRT effects plus unique bezels
‘- Bezels LCD.bat’ – Sharp pixel look plus unique bezels
‘- Cabinet CRT (Glass).bat’ – CRT effects with a glass panel look plus a set cabinet bezel
‘- Cabinet CRT.bat’ – CRT effects plus a set cabinet bezel
‘- Cabinet LCD.bat’ – Sharp pixel look plus a set cabinet bezel
‘- CRT (4×3).bat’ – 4×3 CRT effects
‘- CRT.bat’ – CRT effects
‘- Fastest Scanlines (4×3).bat’ – 4×3 CRT effects *Faster but not as authentic
‘- Fastest Scanlines.bat’ – CRT effects *Faster but not as authentic
‘- LCD (4×3).bat’ – 4×3 Sharp pixel look
‘- LCD.bat’ – Sharp pixel look
‘- LCDSoft (4×3).bat’ – Smooth pixel look
‘- LCDsoft.bat’ – Smooth pixel look
‘- Make CRT Sharper.bat’ – Make CRT effects sharper with less Bloom and Blur effects *Does not work with Fastest Scanlines
These are the advanced MAME video effects options:
‘- Screen Curvature No Scanlines.bat’ – CRT curve effect with no scanlines
‘- Screen Curvature with Bloom Scanlines.bat’ – CRT curve effect with blooming scanlines
‘- Screen Curvature with Sharp Scanlines.bat’ – CRT curve effect with sharp scanlines
‘- Screen No Curvature No Scanlines.bat’ – No CRT curve effect and no scanlines
‘- Screen No Curvature with Bloom Scanlines.bat’ – No CRT curve effect with blooming scanlines
‘- Screen No Curvature with Sharp Scanlines.bat’ – No CRT curve with sharp scanlines


Additional information


No controller, xbox


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